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How Does Subsidy Publishing Work?

Extremely well for new or lesser known authors.  Especially at AR Publishing where our up front fee is well below the cost of comparable alternatives.

Better yet, you will not have to pay for inventory, manage inventory, fufill / ship orders, collect for orders!!!  Which will leave you time for marketing your book, and ideally driving all you buyers to so that you can increase your Amazon Sales Rank.

You write the book, then you collect the rewards.  You will get a monthly statement of your sales activity, and be paid quarterly. 

How does it work so well?

You, the author, pay a fee to AR Publishing Company for the publication of your book. The amount of the fee averages $300 to $400 per title, but varies with each manuscript depending upon length and other factors which contribute to production costs.

In return for the fee you pay, we publish your book, get it placed at, and Barnes and Noble and YOU receive 40%* of the retail price of every book sold. (AR Publishing receives 20%)

*Subject to use of our VERY attractive pricing model (for example, a book the size of Rosalina Rosay's Journey of Hope would need to sell for about $15.95 to yield 40% of Retail for the Author and 20% for the Publisher). Amazon and the printer get the other parts.

What is AR Publishing Company's part in this arrangement?

AR Publishing brings out an attractive edition of your book, comparable in quality and appearance with many found in bookstores throughout the country. In addition, we deliver and facilitate the promotion program that is outlined in your contract.

We review your entire manuscript for an errors, then of course format your book for Print Production, with a professional color front and back cover. We will be working very closely with you during this phase.  Then once you approve of the final electronic copy of your book, we create a Proof Copy of your book for your review and approval.

Provide consultation, strategies, and advice on your business model for your marketing efforts of your book.

Provide you Monthly Sales Reports, and Quaterly Payments for any books sold to readers or sold into distribution as well.

We get your book(s) listed and available for sale on and of all books in US Sold at!!!)

We interface with organizations that may be interested in purchasing copies of your book.

We can produce copies for you at a 60% discount off the retail price that you could sell directly, and keep 100% of the Net Proceeds.

We submit your book for listing in the standard trade publications such as Books in Print and Publishers Trade List Annual. Which will get your titlein front of major bookstore chains and wholesalers.

This is just the beginning of what AR Publishing Company has to offer towards the creation, delivery, and promotion of your book. And of course, facilitate the creation of long term profit from your new professionally published book.

Would you like us to send you a sample of our publishing?  How about a Author signed copy of Journey of Hope for FREE?

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What kinds of books does AR Publishing Company offer to publish?

At AR Publishing Company our goal is to focus is Non Fiction books that can be used for educational benefits.  However, we do not publish pornography, or material that is libelous or defamatory.