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An Immigrant’s Tale Sheds Light, Compassion on Illegal Passage to El Norte—The North

Rosalina Rosay’s buoyant coming-to-America memoir,

Journey of Hope: Memoirs of a Mexican Girl, takes readers from dirt floors in Mexico to the crystal-blue pools of affluent Los Angeles.

Rosalina’s trek begins in a mud-brick home in a small town in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, where she recounts skimpy meals, weekly baths and coarse clothing, and follows her illegal immigration into California in the 1970s, where her family piled into various apartments as they acclimated to the new culture, attending schools, finding jobs, putting food on the table.

This illegal-immigrant autobiography sheds heartbreaking light on Mexican poverty and despair and reveals how

El Norte—The North—is viewed by southern neighbors as a beacon of hope, a safe harbor with a robust economy that can lead to jobs, education and upward mobility.

Rather than blame the United States’ immigration policy for the problems associated with illegal aliens, Rosalina points the finger at Mexico’s elite ruling class and decades of politicians who’ve ignored joblessness, poor schooling and poverty in their nation. “For decades America has been giving millions of Mexicans the hope that the Mexican government has brazenly failed to give to its poor citizens,” Rosalina writes. “But America cannot continue to do so, for its culture may be at stake.”

Readers will come away from Rosalina’s book with intimate knowledge of day-to-day life in poverty, with compassion for those who’ve journeyed to a land of hope, and with a greater understanding of the complexities of immigration issues in the United States.

About the Author: 

Rosalina Rosay says her autobiography is an act of gratitude to a nation that provided a life full of hope to a great number of people. Rosalina was born in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, where she grew up amid siblings, cousins and in-laws, until immigrating to southern California in the 1970s. There, she attended school, graduating from college at a young age with a degree in business, having a professional career and contributing to the community. The author lives in Los Angeles. ISBN-13: 978-0-9800361-7-6, ISBN-10: 0-9800361-7-8

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